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Hello friend and welcome to my blog! You and I have crossed cosmic paths and that is a wonderful and meaningful thing. Sometimes I talk about my fiction writing exploits here, but mostly I also use my blog as a creative outlet for different things:

1) satirical (hopefully) humorous pieces.

2) personal essay, memoir-like pieces about things I have experienced. At the end of these non-fiction memoir posts, I assign Know Things and add them up.

3) movie and music reviews

4)  a series about writing I call Writing As Craft

TMiK = This Much is Known

Once you Know, it’s not so bad.

Everything here actually happened. Truth matters.

Rock on.



img047 copy

9 Responses to My Blog

  1. Brandi says:

    Great blog. I love the concept. I’ll be watching for your updates on Twitter.

  2. So, Robb, I’m sensing you’re on a journey here. As are we all. You’re an interesting guy. I wish you joy in your exploration. May the wind rise up to meet you…

    • robbskidmore88 says:

      I appreciate that Kathleen. Thanks. Joy is a good thing. As is having a sense of humor.

  3. carmela says:

    Great blog, Robb!!

  4. julia says:

    Hello!Do you still remember me !
    I’m the girl who help you to order the dinner in Taiwan Penghu !
    I try to find you on Facebook ,but I did’t find it.
    Can you give me your Facebook ?
    All that I want to say is I’m glad to see you again.
    And your website is really great!!!

    • robbskidmore88 says:

      Yes, I remember you Julia. Your translation help was very timely. I will email my facebook page.

  5. Just found your site. LOVED the letters from J. Crew Dude..funny stuff! Keep it up! Thanks!

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