Robb Skidmore is a novelist who currently lives in Southern California. He writes upmarket fiction which combines a literary sensibility and deep characterizations with an engaging plot. He started out as a maniacal scribbler in journals during college and attended several high profile workshops. His short stories have appeared in Gawker, io9New Orleans Review, New Millennium Writings, South Carolina Review, Oasis, and Twelve Stories. His novella is The Surfer. His critically acclaimed cult novel, The Pursuit of Cool, was a Quarter Finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest and Winner of a Next Generation Indie Award. Full of humor and heartbreak, it tells the story of a ragingly ambitious, pop culture obsessed, tragically romantic young man who tries to find “cool” while attending college during the 80s.

He did an interview about writing and creating The Pursuit of Cool which appeared in Literary Magic. An interview about his writerly beginnings is at Novel d’ Tales. You can listen to him on episode 20 of The Other Stories podcast.

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