Robb Skidmore

The best way I know to describe my fiction is to say that my goal is to write stories that entertain and inspire. My “upmarket literary” fiction (in between commercial and literary) takes a love of language and uses it to create original characters, then runs the characters through riveting plots. My fiction has appeared in Gawker, io9New Orleans Review, New Millennium Writings, South Carolina Review, Oasis, and Twelve Stories. My novella is THE SURFER and my novel is THE PURSUIT OF COOL, a Quarter Finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest and Winner of a Next Generation Indie Award.

Growing up in Charleston, S.C., I read more Hunter S. Thompson and listened to more Van Halen than was probably healthy. But then I read Kurt Vonnegut and Joan Didion and listened to Echo & the Bunnymen and things got balanced out. Next came Tom Wolfe and Radiohead. After college at Emory, I traveled to Europe and in Scotland I stood in the rain among Bronze Age standing stones and realized I wanted to be a writer. I scribbled in lots of journals and attended many workshops. In the 90s I spent a year traveling and camping around America in a Chevy Cavalier with my wife. In Kings Canyon National Park a bear tried to rip a door off our car because it smelled food in the back seat. We scared it away, but not before it turned and stared and seemed to consider killing us.

I love travel and have been to many far flung parts of the globe. I live with my wife and cat in the Greater LA area. I am also a screenwriter, music lover, movie fanatic, artist, and snorkeling enthusiast. You might find me drinking kombucha tea or staring at the sky with wonder and appreciation.

TMiK Press is an independent publishing imprint I created. In April 2012, TMiK Press released my novel, THE PURSUIT OF COOL. It tells the story of a ragingly ambitious, pop culture obsessed, tragically romantic young man who tries to find “cool” while attending college during the 80s.

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If you are curious about interviews, I did an interview about writing and creating The Pursuit of Cool which appeared in Literary Magic. An interview about my writerly beginnings is at Novel d’ Tales. And an ’80s focused interview can be found at Old School 80s.

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