The Other Stories podcast, episode 20

A writer friend of mine convinced me to do this podcast called The Other Stories. Yeah, I know… a friend convinces you to do something… but this turned out quite well. I was interviewed by Ilana Masad, the podcast host, and our discussion veered from the peculiar habits of writers, to the dangers of surfing, to Eudora Welty. A super cool feature of the podcast is that I read an excerpt of The Pursuit of Cool which has music. The podcast people created a soundtrack, a musical background to the excerpt: “The Bauhaus Mixtape,” which is from Part III of the novel.

You can find the podcast here.


By robbskidmore

Robb Skidmore writes upmarket literary fiction. He is the author of “The Pursuit of Cool”, a critically acclaimed coming-of-age novel about love, music, and the 80s, and the novella “The Surfer.” His short stories have appeared in many publications.

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