the surfer

The Surfer is a novella of psychological suspense. Walter’s life falls apart after his family perishes in a plane crash, leaving him isolated and volatile. He becomes fixated with surfing and flies to the Big Island in a last ditch effort to overcome despair. His surfing has an unexpected result. A vacationing couple then befriends him and takes him on an adventure. The Surfer is a journey into the imperfection of one man’s soul. It explores the beauty and unpredictability of nature, and life, and the strange lure of surf.

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“Haunting. Evocative. Recommended.”


“Feels like a much larger piece of work.”

“Really wild stuff.”

“The story line moved along quickly and left me hoping for more from this up and coming writer.”

“Thought-provoking and Awesome! It balances despair with reassurance.”

“Robb Skidmore delivered such a captivating story line in this Ebook.”


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I just finished reading The Surfer. Even though I’m not interested in surfing, I liked the prose and found the sentiments embedded within the long text quite gripping. Overall, I found the story dark and am feeling deep sorrow. Much of the emotions reflected throughout come across as true. I hope they are not.
Zoe Ghahremani/Sky of Red Poppies

Thanks for the comment Zohreh. You mention an experience of darkness and deep sorrow. Interesting, the interpretations of things we all have. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so meaning is in the eye of the reader.

Robb, you are a wonderful writer. Your story makes me wonder if anything of this sort has happened in your life. I wish you all the very best with your writing! I really experienced the story as though it were a memory of my own.
Cheers! Josie

All best to you as well, Josie. I have never experienced grief as acutely as Walter; the “my life” portion of the story is the surfing. I’m a wannabe vacation surfer, and when I can, I go out there with a rental board until a few waves beat me up. The original kernel of the story was an experience I had on the Big Island. It was a break that was far from shore and beyond my abilities. The real test was getting back to dry land.

Hi Robb,
Just bought the epub edition of “The Surfer.” Well done! Haunting, evocative, heart-breaking. I’m a long-time surfer, and your description of Walter’s struggles were spot on–took my back to my kook days! I’ll tweet the link to your Smashwords page with a recommendation. Thanks again for “The Surfer.”

Hi Rob,
Just finished reading The Surfer. I like your writing style and the story had excitement that kept my attention to the last word. I felt like wanting to know more about Walter. Maybe he will appear again in another story. Thanks for introducing me to Kindle.