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The Pursuit of Cool is Officially Launched and on sale

When I started out writing The Pursuit of Cool years ago, I had a vague idea that someday I would finish it and then someday and somehow it would be released into the world. When I started writing seriously in the mid-nineties I knew that I wanted to write this novel. I don’t know how many drafts I have written. Many. Working on it was joyful, exhausting, and crushing, depending on what stage of the process I was in. Writing it I really grew as a writer, and as a person. It has been quite a journey but I won’t bore you with all the details. The best way for you to know what I am talking about is just to read it.

The initial reviews have been good, which is a relief. I want to thank all of you who subscribe to my blog or who follow me on a social network. I have learned a lot from you in the last two years, and you guys have made my journey worthwhile.

Well, the day has come for my novel to spread its wings and fly. And that is a joyous day indeed! So, you may find The Pursuit of Cool on Amazon in both Amazon Kindle ebook and Amazon paperback, and on Barnes & Noble in Nook ebook. Thanks for reading, and if you enjoy it please consider giving a review on Amazon. Positive reviews will help with sales, and they will be really appreciated by this author.



By robbskidmore

Robb Skidmore writes upmarket literary fiction. He is the author of “The Pursuit of Cool”, a critically acclaimed coming-of-age novel about love, music, and the 80s, and the novella “The Surfer.” His short stories have appeared in many publications.

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