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Thoughts on Writing and Surfing: Facing the Great Unknown

You have a vision, a story, a project in mind you want to write. It tantalizes inside your brain. The only way to test it is by writing. Let’s say you want to surf. You stand on the beach and … Continue reading

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The Pursuit of Cool is Officially Launched and on sale

When I started out writing The Pursuit of Cool years ago, I had a vague idea that someday I would finish it and then someday and somehow it would be released into the world. When I started writing seriously in the … Continue reading

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New Facebook Author Page is Up

I decided it was time to start a Facebook Author Page during the ebook setup for my novel.  At the end of the book there are links to my website and Twitter, and I wanted an easier way for Facebookers … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal for THE PURSUIT OF COOL !!

The cover is the work of graphic artist Lee Libro, who did a fantastic job. A book cover is important on many levels, not the least of which is marketing and conveying a sense of the story within. I think … Continue reading

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Latest Published Short Story: “WE WERE GODS,” in Issue #4 of Twelve Stories

I am super glad this story has been published. Now you can read it! It has been around, in one form or another, for many years. In its current and cosmically final form, it is a short short of  1,100 … Continue reading

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THE SURFER eBook Jacket Selection Poll: Vote Now!

I decided to release THE SURFER as an ebook, so I needed a cover. Then I went a little crazy with Photoshop. Five covers (plus a Bonus cover) emerged from the layering, rasteurizing, and the gaussian blur. How to pick … Continue reading

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A Drunk Young Man, a Roman Transit Strike, and a female Deadhead

After I graduated from college I flew to Rome. Before I got on the plane my friend George made me drink an entire bottle of champagne. He didn’t exactly make me: he busted into my room waving it like it … Continue reading

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