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Thoughts on Writing and Surfing: Facing the Great Unknown

You have a vision, a story, a project in mind you want to write. It tantalizes inside your brain. The only way to test it is by writing. Let’s say you want to surf. You stand on the beach and … Continue reading

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Emoticons: Where They Come From & Why I Use Them

Anyone who has communicated on a social network or done some texting knows about emoticons, those clever smiley-faced :) and frowny-faced :( symbols. I count myself as a heavy user because I am an emotional and sensitive guy, a writer … Continue reading

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Interview Regarding THE PURSUIT OF COOL, Writing, Finding the Muse, and Looking Forward

This interview originally appeared on the Literary Magic blog of Lee Libro. Please visit her website when you get a chance. I have reproduced the interview here in its entirety.  Lee Libro: Robb Skidmore, a writer of short stories and … Continue reading

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Connected Thoughts About Kurt Cobain and Nevermind and The Folly of Sports Cars

Music has been incredibly important in my life. A huge source of joy. It showed me how to deal with the world, showed me a path, and gave me some answers. My novel, The Pursuit of Cool, has a protagonist … Continue reading

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Letters From the J. Crew Dude, Part 1

Before grunge and Kurt Cobain, back in the eighties and nineties, I bought stuff from J. Crew. I’ll admit, I have worn my share of navy harlequin polos and sage cotton twill trousers. I loved the pretense of the catalogs: the clambakes … Continue reading

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A Drunk Young Man, a Roman Transit Strike, and a female Deadhead

After I graduated from college I flew to Rome. Before I got on the plane my friend George made me drink an entire bottle of champagne. He didn’t exactly make me: he busted into my room waving it like it … Continue reading

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